Arte Tecnica Reciclada - Ivan Ortiz

80% of the material used to make the accessories is aluminum, copper and bronze wires from recycled electrical appliances which is then combined with stones, crystals and coral to create decorative trees, beautiful pottery & vases.  I also offer many original designs for rings, earrings and necklaces that are unique in the region.

Bad to the Bone Art

Bad to the "Bone" Art - formerly Baja Treasures - is owned by Vickie Rama.  This new company has many NEW carvings.  Vickie was a resident of San Felipe for the past 7 years but now lives in Rosarito as of May 1st, 2014 & starting her 8th year in Mexico as a full-time resident.

Vickie started starting carving five years ago because she saw a piece of bone jewelry on eBay and wanted to buy it for a friend, however, the price was much to high so she decided to try to make something herself.

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Baja Graffiti

Baja Graffiti is ALL about street art of Northern Baja.  Curated by an artist, all styles and forms of graffiti are documented.  Murals, stencils and yes, even garden variety tagging found in big and small towns across northern Baja.

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Dr. Carlos Bueno

Dr. Carlos Bueno is originally from the city of Mexico., a physician by vocation, who conducted his studies of medicine at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, and subsequently specialized as a radiologist in a the hospital sector of health.

10 Years ago, he began to experiment with x-rays to produce art.

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Por un Beso

Alfonso Vera Chavez

Jewelry from Ensenada, Baja California

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