Arte Tecnica Reciclada - Ivan Ortiz

80% of the material used to make the accessories is aluminum, copper and bronze wires from recycled electrical appliances which is then combined with stones, crystals and coral to create decorative trees, beautiful pottery & vases.  I also offer many original designs for rings, earrings and necklaces that are unique in the region.

Beach Beads


 By Marcia Leonard

I am lucky to be living full time in Baja.  Upon retirement I had the time and space to begin stringing.  All of my life I have been fascinated and beguiled by glass objects ~ paperweights, vases, dishes, figurines and now beads.   I buy beads everywhere I go!

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CorkWood Creations




So who doesn't love wine? Mary has found a way to create and recycle those corks at the same time. She designs and creates useful and fun things like jewelry, ornaments, trivets, bird houses, and lots of holiday and home decor.

Come visit the CorkWood Creations booth.  You'll find something "corky" and unique!

Mary Wood Designs







Defining Images of Baja

Photography by Jamie Rullman

Photos of Baja Life

"Defining Images loves Baja California!  Capturing the best of what Baja has to offer from Tijuana to Cabo behind the lens"


Popotla Fishing Village





Nancy Boy Art

"Nancy Boy Art" germinated and evolved with a temporary move to Baja in preparation for Costa Rica with her surfer husband.

 In this new environment, armed with the commodity of Time, the former fashion stylist and photographer began creating her "Femystic collages". Themes ranging from whimsical to thoughtful are fun to examine and contemplate.

Nancy Ellick-Tabeling


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