Kid Ramos

Born in Fullerton, CA, David "Kid" Ramos grew up in a musical household. Both of his parents had been opera singers-his mother had a singing scholarship to USC while his step-father had toured with the New York Metropolitan Opera. As a teen, Ramos practiced daily along to records by B.B. King and T-Bone Walker, diligently learning the fundamentals of blues guitar. A chance encounter witnessing the Fabulous Thunderbirds in a small club in 1978 further inspired his musical direction.

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Sharifah and The Good Thing

Featuring Sharifah Muhammad as the powerhouse lead singer, Sharifah's voice will stun you with its perfect blend of power, emotion and range. With a style that is uniquely hers yet reminiscent of all the greats -- listening to Sharifah is an experience that is sure to move your spirit and slay your soul. 

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Sugaray Rayford


Texas born Caron “Sugaray” Rayford began his musical career at the age of seven singing & playing drums in church, and his gospel influence can be heard and felt in his music. Rayford's phrasing is intimate and conversational and the soulful gravel in his voice hints at his firsthand experience with hardship. He grew up in Texas, his childhood marked by poverty and loss.

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The Mannish Boys featuring Kid Ramos & Sugaray Rayford

The Mannish Boys have stayed true to their vision of balancing the storied history of the Blues while keeping their music up to date. They’ve continually evolved through the years, seeking out and spotlighting the talents of true Blues legends in a setting that stays true to the deep roots of the genre, providing them with the support required to excite today’s blues audiences. 


Kara Grainger

Classic songwriting skills, smooth sultry vocals, and the ability to whip up a storm with a fiery slide guitar.  Very few can boast this set of trump cards, but it just happens to be the hand dealt to Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger who exhibits an effortlessly seductive and modern take on roots, blues and soul music.

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