Hola Soy Lola

We are happy to again welcome, Hola Soy Lola, for the 4rd time to the Baja Blues Fest stage.

Established in 2011 in Tijuana, Hola Soy Lola’s distinctive style is highlighted by its originality, spontaneity, professionalism and more than anything else, by their joyful and fresh interpretation of classic blues and rock. Combining the talents of seven prominent musicians, the group heads a cultural movement called Border & Blues Jam, whose sole purpose is promoting the Blues and reviving the Tijuana music scene.

  • Olga Perez - Lead singer
  • Aless Almazán- Lead Guitar
  • Armando Bravo- Rhythm Guitar, slide & harmonica 
  • Stephanie Blues- Bass
  • Mario Bernal- Drummer 
  • Alex Sax- Saxaphone
  • Mopar Murray- Singer 
  • Diego Knight - Photographer 

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