2014 Baja Blues Fest - Sunday Jam Session

The Sunday Jam Session was a fun-filled sunny afternoon by the beach with fantastic blues music performed by local musicians and band members..  a sample of our photos are shown below.

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2014 Baja Blues Fest - Saturday Event

The Saturday all- day event August 23rd, from 10:30am to 8pm in the garden area between the Rosarito Beach Hotel and the beach.  Music, Vendors, Artists, Food and Drink! 

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  • Mannish 1
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  • Mighty Mike
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2014 Baja Blues Fest - Friday Meet and Greet

The Friday meet and greet held on August 22nd, from 6-11 in the Adobe Salon at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, provided a private party for ticket holders to meet performing band members and hear them jam.

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