Driving Directions


Before You Go

  • If you are driving, make sure to get your Mexican Auto Insurance before you cross the border.
  • The tollgates take US money but nothing larger than a $20 bill.
  • You do not need a tourist visa but you will need an approved government-issued ID to get back into the USA. Your passport is best.

Driving Directions 

  • Go South on I-5 or I-805 and stay on it until you reach the border.
  • Cross the border at the San Ysidro Border Crossing in any lane. If you get a red light you will need to pull into secondary (the inspection area), but most likely you will get a green light and you just keep going.
  • The next quarter of a mile is the most confusing of the whole trip. You need to get this right it’s really not that difficult, just sounds like it!

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Travel Tips

Remember When Traveling to the Baja Blues Fest

Mexico Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Police, Red Cross and Fire Department – 911
  • State’s Tourist Attention Office – 078
  • You can call 911 from any U.S. cell phone and be connected with assistance in Baja Mexico

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