Palaco Blues

Palaco Blues

"Palaco Blues" is an original project that began in September 2014 in order to create original music without maintaining a specific gender ... simply create with influences from each of the band members.  The result is a fusion of Blues, Funk and Rock reinforced with an accompaniment and solos of harmonica thus creating the characteristic sound of the band based in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

Guitar & Vocals: Tato Ortega 

Bass Guitar: Pablo Funk

Drums: Alfredo Yito 

Harmonica: Omar  “El Diablo” Carrillo 


Palaco Blues Band reflects the border context in which their members develop, the fusion of two cultures: American root music in Mexicali.

Palaco Blues Band presents original compositions that come from the rebellion of rock, of the strength of funk and of the harrowing voice of blues, as well as its lyrics that speak of pain, bitterness and despair, resulting in an energetic and painful and fun sound that causes rejoicing

The name of the band represents a tribute to the city from which it originates and to the company that was commissioned to sell the first lands in the city of Mexicali and capital of Baja California, Mexico: "Pacific Land Company" by its initials "PALACO" 

And as from the beginning there is a link with American culture, not only for being a border city but for the influence of the neighboring country that we have had in every way to create this city It is also the name of one of the oldest colonies in Mexicali.

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